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The Taskbar utility allows a user to generate a Single Channel image for authentication. This document outlines how to achieve this for Apple OS X computers.


Swivel 3.x

http://fluidapp.com software

Apple OS X


The Taskbar Client requests the Swivel image from the Swivel server. The Swivel server must be accessible from the Client, this is usually configured through Network Address Translation. A proxy can also be used, the Swivel appliance has a proxy port built in usually https://<IP Address>:8443/proxy

Swivel Server Configuration

Enabling Session creation with username

To allow the Single Channel image to be used with the Taskbar, session request by username needs to be enabled. Go to the ‘Single Channel’ Admin page and set ‘Allow Session creation with Username:’ to YES.

To test your configuration you can use the following URL using a valid username:



Software install


Taskbar Installation


Run the Fluid App software and install


The following preferences can be configured:

New windows open with: Select Home Page

Home Page: Enter the Swivel server public URL and username, this will differ for appliances and software installations:

Appliance: https://swivel_server_hostname:8443/proxy/SCImage?username=user_name

Software: http://swivel_server_hostname:8080/pinsafe/SCImage?username=user_name

where user_name is the name of the user authenticating

Save downloaded files to: Downloads

Global shortcut: not usually required

Application icon: select a suitable icon

Tick Show Dock badge labels

Swivel TaskbarScreenSnapz003.png

For Appearance Preferences select the following:

Window Level: Floating

Window Shadow: On

Window Opacity: Slide to the far right

Standard font: Times Roman 16

Fixed-width font:

Tick Display images when the page opens

Swivel TaskbarScreenSnapz004.png

Swivel TaskbarScreenSnapz002.png

Known Issues

Taskbar Problems