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(Sentry Articles)
(Sentry Articles)
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* [[Sentry SSO with ADFS]]
* [[Sentry SSO with ADFS]]
* [[Sentry SSO with Office 365]]
* [[Sentry SSO with Office 365]]
* [[Sentry SSO with Cisco ASA using SAML]]
* [[Sentry SSO with Citrix Netscaler]]
* [[Sentry SSO with Citrix Netscaler]]
* [[Sentry SSO with PulseSecure]]
* [[Sentry SSO with PulseSecure]]

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Welcome to the Swivel Secure Knowledgebase

This is the new Swivel Secure Knowledgebase that will be used to host the latest articles about the latest Swivel Secure Products.

How to Obtain Support

Direct support is provided through our reseller channel:

Customers: Contact their Reseller for initial support, who will escalate the problem directly with Swivel Secure should they be unable to resolve the problem.

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Sentry Articles

AuthControl Sentry is the new name for Swivel Secure's authentication platform, previously known as "PINsafe". It includes the new Adaptive Authentication and Web Single-Sign-On Platform, as well as the updated core authentication engine. Where the two parts of the product need to be distinguished, we refer here to "Sentry Core" and "Sentry SSO".

The following articles refers to version 4 of the software, which has already been released.

If you are interested in learning more about Sentry email sales@swivelsecure.com

Authcontrol v4 Sentry SSO and Adaptive Authentication

Sentry Core V4 Menu Reference

SAML Integrations:

RADIUS Integrations:

Appliance Version 3/4 Articles

V3 Appliance Quick Start (also applies to version 4).

V3 Appliance Reference

V4 Appliance Reference

For all Appliance V3 Docs go to Category:Version 3 Appliance

For all Appliance V4 Docs go to Category:Version 4 Appliance. Note that most version 3 documents also apply to version 4.

Versions FAQ

Mobile App Articles

AuthControl Desktop

Windows Credential Provider