Automated SCP Backups

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The automated backup runs, by default, at 4am and an SCP client can be configured to pull the backups off the Swivel appliance.

See also Automated FTP Backups


PINsafe appliance

SCP client

WinSCP Solution

WinSCP 5.1.1 or later is required.

WinSCP contains scripting that can be used to synchronise the remote Swivel backup directory with a local directory. It is a script and stores the username and password in the script, so obviously the server that it runs on should be secure.

There are two files, one a batch file called swivelbackup.bat that calls the text script file:

"C:\Program Files\winscp\" /script=c:\data\swivel\backups\swivelbackup.txt

Alter the path to WINscp and where the script resides for the local environment.

The script file swivelbackup.txt has the location of the backups c:\data\swivel\backups, alter for the local environment, and the IP address/hostname of the Swivel server. For multiple appliance installations, create separate backup folders for each Swivel server.

The following sample code should be put into a file called swivelbackup.txt

 # Comment out the next two lines to test
 option batch on
 option confirm off
 # Connect - format: user:password@host
 open admin:lockbox@
 # Change remote directory
 cd /backups
 # Download backup file to the local directory
 synchronize local c:\data\swivel\backups -filemask="*.tar.gz"
 # Disconnect
 # Exit WinSCP

Known Issues