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iTAGG allows SMS messages to be sent by connecting to their SMS gateway. iTAGG support the following connection methods including:

  • HTTP on port 80 (supported by Swivel)
  • HTTPS on port 80 (supported by Swivel)


iTAGG Account

Swivel 3.x

Mobile Phone on which to receive SMS text messages

Configuring the iTAGG transport

Configuring one or more iTAGG transports for Swivel 3.x

On the Swivel Administration Console select Transport/General, locate the iTAGG transport. Enter the required group name and the number of security strings to be sent. Ensure that the transport attribute phone is selected.

Identifier: Default: iTagg, the name of the transport, must be unique

Class: Default: com.swiveltechnologies.pinsafe.server.transport.ITaggTransport Transport, the name of the java class used. To create multiple copies of a transport, copy this to a blank field at the bottom of the transport section.

Strings per message: Default: 1, the number of security strings that are sent.

Group: Default: ---NONE--- Where security strings are sent to

Alert repository group: Default: ---NONE--- Where Alert messages are sent to

Destination attribute: Default: phone, the attributes that is read from the data source to determine a users telephone number

Click apply to save the settings. For further information see: Transport Configuration

Configuring the iTAGG details for Swivel 3.x

Gateway URL: Default: www.itagg.com/smsg/sms.mes, the gateway used for sending messages to iTAGG, the following setting has been tested: secure.itagg.com/smsg/sms.mes

Username: Default: blank, iTAGG account name

Password: Default: blank, iTAGG account password

Default route: Default 7(National UK), iTAGG routing to be used

transport iTagg timeout: Default 180000, timeout value for connection to gateway in milliseconds

Protocol: Default HTTP, SSL or non SSL connection

Expected Results

When a message is sent it is added to the message queue and then sent to the SMS gateway:

Message added to message queue for user: graham, destination: 12345678901

Message sent to user: graham, destination: 12345678901


Try sending a security string or alert and check the Swivel log.

Also see SMS messages are not being sent

Check the connection, use TCP Dump, Wireshark, ethereal or similar to view the connection from Swivelto the SMS gateway. Look for outbound traffic to the SMS Gateway www.itagg.com/smsg/sms.mes.

Can you Telnet to the gateway.

Error messages

iTagg message sending failed, error: error code|error text|submission reference 102|submission failed due to insufficient credit|0

The SMS gateway has run out of credit to send SMS messages.

LOG_HTTP_TRANSPORT_ERROR, java.security.cert.CertificateException: No subject alternative DNS name matching www.itagg.com found.

Incorrect gateway path, try secure.itagg.com/smsg/sms.mes