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Welcome to the Swivel Secure Knowledgebase

For the latest news on support for CVE-2015-7547 please see Glibc Vulnerability*Last updated 25th Feb 2016*

For further news on 'SHA-1 Deprecation' and Diffie-Hellman Keys' please see Ciphers How To Guide*Last updated 17th Oct 2015*

In addition, ShellShock', 'Poodle', 'GHOST' and 'LogJam' vulnerabilities please see Vulnerabilities*Last updated 15th July 2015*

Licence keys: Some older licence keys expired on 1st January 2015. If you renewed your support during 2014, you should have received a new licence: see here if you are not sure how to apply it. If you are certain that you do not have an updated licence key, please email supportdesk@swivelsecure.com.

To get started with Swivel Start here

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How to Obtain Support

Direct support is provided through our reseller channel.

Customers: should contact their Reseller for initial support, who will escalate the problem directly with Swivel should they be unable to resolve the problem.

Resellers: If the Knowledgebase does not resolve your query, resellers are encouraged to contact their Distributors.

Distributors: may raise support tickets though Submit a Support Ticket, for further information see Support Ticket Help

News and Updates

For information on receiving details of new versions and news see Contact Details.

Wiki Information

For information about this wiki consult the Meta-Wiki.