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The solution described here is for SharePoint 2013 only. A similar solution is available for SharePoint 2010. Do not use version 1.6 of the filter for SharePoint 2010, and do not use earlier versions for SharePoint 2013.

For earlier versions of SharePoint, see this article.

Downloading the Filter

The latest solution for PINsafe SharePoint 2013 filter is version 1.6.1. It can be found here. The only change from 1.6.0 is that removing the domain prefix and/or suffix from usernames is now optional. In 1.6.0, they were always removed.

Full instructions for installing the filter and configuring SharePoint to support it are included in the zip file, or you can download it separately from here.

The previous version, 1.6.0, can be found here.

Upgrading the Swivel SharePoint Filter

It is recommended to uninstall the old filter and then reinstall the new filter in order to remove the previous filter from the assembly cache. You should then choose the appropriate upgrade option when prompted. Note that upgrading from a SharePoint 2010 filter has not been tested, but as the technology is very similar, no problems are anticipated. If you do have a problem when upgrading an existing SharePoint 2010 filter to SharePoint 2013, it is recommended that you uninstall and treat it as a new installation.

Uninstalling the Swivel SharePoint filter

To uninstall the filter select the Add/Remove Programs on the SharePoint server then uninstall. The settings are not removed in the uninstall process.

SharePoint PINsafe FAQ

Can the Swivel SharePoint filter Manage the AD Credentials

Yes, version 1.4 or later of the SharePoint filter has the ability to set the AD password. See documentation included in the download for more information.

Can the filter detect an expired AD password

Yes, version 1.4 or later of the filter will detect if the AD password has expired, and will redirect to a page suitable for changing the AD password. See documentation included in the download for more information.

Can the filter allow users to reset a forgotten AD password

Yes, version 1.5 or later of the SharePoint filter has the ability to reset forgotten AD passwords as well as PINs. See included documentation for more information.

However, the password reset feature requires version 3.9.6 or later of the Swivel Core server, which at the time of writing had not been released. However, a patch is available for version 3.8, from here, to add the required feature. If you want to use this feature, please contact to check if your version of PINsafe can be upgraded to support this feature. Please also contact for help in installing this patch.

Can the filter work with Membership Providers other than Active Directory

Yes, version 1.5.2 or later will work with other membership providers. However, the AD password management facilities must be disabled. These only work with the AD membership provider, and authentication with other membership providers will fail if this feature is enabled.


TURing image does not appear

A red cross may be present where the TURing image should appear. The usual causes are:

Incorrect path to PINsafe appliance

Self Signed Certificate is used, but the allow self signed certificate option has not been selected

Firewall blocking access to PINsafe server

Network issue

HTTP request against the PINsafe running HTTPS

Error Messages

502 - Bad Gateway

This has been seen where the SharePoint cannot connect to the PINsafe server. Check the above, particularly the settings for SSL or HTTP access.

Authentication provider not found

PINsafe cannot be accessed by the SharePoint server, verify connectivity settings.