OATH Seed Conversion

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This article explains how to convert the OATH Hard Token seeds from Base16 Hexadecimal to Base 32. This can provide ultimate flexibility for your Hardware token investment, if you intend to import the OATH tokens to other systems in conjunction with using them on the Swivel Secure platform.


  • Swivel Secure OATH Token seeds in their original distribution format
  • Some ability to use Python scripts
  • Python version 3.7.3
  • Python IDLE
  • Microsoft Excel or Notepad for CSV file formatting and preparation

Python Script

import base64
import codecs
import csv

with open('C:\\Users\\admin\\Desktop\\seeds.txt','rt') as input, open('C:\\Users\\admin\\Desktop\\seeds32.txt','w') as output:

    csvin = csv.reader(input, delimiter=' ')
    csvout = csv.writer(output, delimiter=',')

    for row in csvin:
        hex = row[1]
        b32 = base64.b32encode(codecs.decode(hex, 'hex'))
        b32decoded = b32.decode("utf-8")
        csvout.writerow([row[0]] + [b32decoded])

Microsoft MFA Seed File Formatting Requirements

Prepare a CSV file in the following format:

upn,serial number,secret key,timeinterval,manufacturer,model



Note that timeinterval should be 60 and that manufacturer and model are just arbitrary text and can be anything.

Import your seed file into Azure AD under Azure Portal > Azure Active Directory > MFA Server > OATH tokens. With the seeds converted to Base 32 using the above Python script you should then be able to successfully activate and use the tokens.