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Swivel Installation and configuration

A copy of the Swivel Installation and Configuration document in Word format can be downloaded from here Swivel Installation and Configuration document

Version 2.0

Customer Install Details

Primary Site Secondary (DR?) site
Customer Company Name
Install Contact Name
Address of Install
Date and Time of Install
Secondary Contact Name
Secondary Phone
Secondary Email
Distributor Contact
Reseller Contact
License Key with customer?
Number of licensed Users?
Option A). Hardware Appliance Install

Appliance Received? 3 plug socket or UPS socket for power?

Rack Mount kit Required?

1 U Rack Space per appliance

Option B).

Virtual Machine image required?

Option C).

Software Install – OS/Java/Tomcat Ready?

Has a network diagram been provided Y/N

What are the goal/objectives of the install

what needs to be done for the install to be signed off as complete):

Key questions:

What are the user data sources (e.g. AD, LDAP, SQL):

List all devices requiring authentication and versions (e.g. Juniper 7.1, OWA 2010, IIS 7, ISA, IAG, etc) (Evaluations are usually one device):

Where is the Swivel data to be stored (e.g. Swivel internal, MySQL on appliance, Customer Database):

How are the PIN numbers to be delivered to users (e.g. Email, SMS):

How are security strings to be delivered to users (e.g. TURing and SMS, Swivlet):

Software or Appliance install (e.g. Appliance, software, VMware):

Standalone or HA Active/Passive or Active/Active (Evaluations are usually standalone):

System Configuration

Primary Server Secondary Server Slave Server
Appliance Version
IP Default IP Required

(Must be Pingable for HA VIP)

DNS Search Path

e.g. swivelsecure.com

HA Cluster VIP Default
HA VIP Netmask As Primary Server NA
HA Heartbeat IP NA
HA Heartbeat Netmask NA
user swivel swivel
Password \* lockbox lockbox
Super user root root
Password \* lockbox lockbox
Appliance Webmin address https://Primary_IP:10000 https://Secondary_IP:10000
Command line and Webmin username admin admin
Command line Webmin password \* lockbox lockbox
Swivel Management address https://<IP>:8080/pinsafe
Swivel Management username admin admin
Swivel Management PIN \* 1234 1234
Swivel Management lockdown address ranges 17.1.x..x
transfer password lockbox lockbox
NTP Server
FTP Backup IP
FTP Username
FTP Password
SMTP server for error logs
SSL Certificates

\* It is recommended to change these.

Swivel Configuration

Swivel install version
Install context pinsafe
SMTP server hostname/IP
SMTP Server authentication details if enabled
Email address; For locked Mail accounts For system messages and errors
Agents required ChangePIN/Reset changepin
Agent IP
Agent Secret secret
ChangePIN Access URL Address
ChangePIN redirect URL (default http://www.google.com)
XML Authentication Agents (for non RADIUS authentication)
Agent IP
Agent Secret
RADIUS Auth Port (default 1812)
RADIUS Acc Port (default 1813)
Syslog Server IP
Single Channel details (Single channel configuration details) Public IP address? Public IP/NAT address for Turing Image:
Swivel TURing address https://<IP>:8443/pinsafe
Dual Channel details

(SMS gateway login details)

Authentication Devices

Authentication device Name
Authentication device IP/hostname
Authentication device secret
Authentication device Name
Authentication device IP/hostname
Authentication device secret

SMS Configuration

SMS Gateway Address

AD or LDAP Data Source Information

AD Server IP
AD service account Username
AD password
AD LDAP authentication port

(default 389)

Administrators LDAP pathname
Helpdesk LDAP pathname
Single Channel LDAP pathname (i.e. Turing)
Dual Channel LDAP pathname (i.e. SMS)
Swivlet LDAP pathname
PINless LDAP pathname

AD groups should be populated with at least 1 user for test purposes

Port information for configuring Firewalls

See Ports

Other relevant install information: