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How to update the appliance using a patch file issued by Swivel Secure. The appliance may periodically be updated by Swivel Secure, and it is advisable to ensure the appliance is on the most current release. Once the appliance has been updated, then the Swivel software may be updated using Patch Swivel Install.


Swivel appliance running smenu CMI.

Requires a minimum level of appliance version 2.0.9a, for older versions see Upgrade Appliance

Only one patch may be applied at a time.

Patch file (see below)

Appliance versions 2.0.9a - 2.0.12

Swivel Appliance version 2.0.9a - 2.0.12 first apply the patch.2.0.14.full.patch

Applying appliance upgrade patches

1. Copy the the patch file (patch.pxxx.tar.gz) to the appliance using SFTP. If the downloaded patch file begins with an uppercase 'P' change it to lowercase.

2. Upload to the "/backups/upload" directory.

3. Login as "admin" on the console.

4. Select "Update Appliance/Swivel" from the "Advanced" menu. This option only appears when the patch file has been uploaded and the file is all in lower case (see above).

5. Select "Import patch file {filename}".

6. Select "Display Patch Information" and read the release notes.

7. Select "Apply Patch".

8. Confirm the patch upgrade successfully completed.

9. Logout of the session.

10. Log back into the session.

Please Note: Once a patch is applied, it is cleared up automatically.

Video Walkthrough - Appliances Upgrade

How to Download an Appliance patch file

How to Upload an Appliance patch file

How to Upgrade Swivel Appliance


Login as admin, and check the patch has correctly applied.

Ensure the appliance patch version numbers have incremented.

Previous version displayed in CMI

Logout the CMI session and log back in again and check version

Patch file not located

Ensure that the patch file name starts with a lower case p

No upgrade option in the CMI

This options is only available when the patch file is present on the system, see also case above.

Also if the file name has been modified in another way such as replacing . with _ this can stop the menu item appearing