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Swivel version 3.10.4 onwards supports provision of a Mobile Client Mobile Provision Code contained within a QR Code. The QR code can be provided in a number of ways:

  • Within an Email
  • Within a web page, such as a link in an email
  • Through the User Portal (latest User Portal is required)


The Provision code lasts until a Provision attempt is made or the Provision Code Validity is exceeded, see Mobile Provision Code.


Swivel 3.10.4

User Portal

Mobile Phone Client 2.1.1 onwards

Mobile Phone/tablet with camera

Valid certificate (or non SSL connection) or mail client may block QR image

QR Code Setup

To setup QR Code provisioning, on the Swivel Administration console, select Policy, then Self Reset and enter the URL of the User Portal page in the QR Code URL:, if this is not present then it may be an older version and require upgrading to Swivel version 3.10.4 or later. The format for an appliance is:


Transport Configuration

To send QR Codes by email ensure that HTML is enabled

The QR code url is placed in the message by replacing the phrase url4

So to include the QR code in the HTML email included

<img src=url4>


The QR Code should generated when sent by email to a user.

Provisioning a Mobile Client

Following the Provision URL links will automatically provision a Mobile Phone Client. To use the QR code, on the Swivel Mobile Phone Client, click on the Information 'I' icon then, About and tap on the Scan QR Code link to start the QR code scanner. Hold Mobile Phone so visible area of the scanner so that it contains the QR Code and wait until it recognises it. The Mobile Client should then be provisioned.


Known Issues


Error Messages

Error Server, Unknown Server ID

The Site ID may not exist or may not have been entered.

Error Server Connection

The server details are missing or incorrect

Invalid Username

The User may not exist on the Swivel server.

Invalid Provision Code

The provision code is not valid or has already been used.

Error Dowloading Security Strings

The user may not be a member of an appropriate group with Mobile Client authentication enabled

Reprovision URL not retrieved

This can occur in the User Portal on a QR Code request if the user has been removed