SMTP Credential Change How to Guide

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PINsafe can connect to an SMTP gateway to send email messages for user alerts, security strings, and system messages. This document outlines how and where to change the SMTP Username and Password Credentials on the PINsafe Administration Console. For information on configuring Alert and security strings see Transport Configuration


PINsafe 3.x

Changing SMTP Credentials

SMTP Server details

On the PINsafe Administration Console select Server/SMTP. The IP/Hostname, and if required authentication enabled or disabled and the Username and Password an be changed.

Repeat the SMTP credentials change on each PINsafe instance/appliance.


To test the SMTP credentials, force the system to send an email, such as resending a PIN on a test account that uses SMTP as its transport class. Observe the PINsafe logs for any errors.

Known Issues