Security String missing place holder 1234567890

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This article describes how to overcome the issue of a missing placeholder within email messages containing security strings sent for dual channel authentication.


Users are sent security strings by email (SMTP Transport), but the place holder ('1234567890') is missing.


  • This issue has been found in PINsafe version 3.8.4256


Upload the replacement SmtpTransport.class file using WinSCP (if using a PINsafe appliance). For more information on WinSCP, see the WinSCP How To Guide.

If using a PINsafe appliance, replace the existing version of the file here: /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/pinsafe/WEB-INF/classes/com/swiveltechnologies/pinsafe/server/transport/SmtpTransport.class

If you are using a software-only installation of PINsafe, replace the existing version of the file here: <PINsafe Instance>\WEB-INF\classes\com\swiveltechnologies\pinsafe\server\transport\SmtpTransport.class

Where <PINsafe Instance> is specific to your Apache Tomcat install location. Typically this would be something like: C:\Program Files\Apache Tomcat\webapps\pinsafe\

Restart Tomcat after replacing the file.

Next Steps - Testing

Send a new security string to the user. You should now find that the placeholder is sent along with the security string.