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This article is a complete reference to the Swivel Core Administration Web Console. This page lists all the top-level menus, and each menu has its own page, referenced from this page, with the exception of a few that can be summarized within this page.

Logging In

To log into the Swivel Web Console, enter the following URL into a web browser:


Here, <swivel_server> is the IP address or host name of the Swivel appliance.

You should be presented with the following login screen:

Swivel Core Login v4 1.png

Enter the username of an administrator. The shipped application comes with a user named admin. Click on Start Session and a TURing image will be displayed.

Swivel Core Login v4 2.png

You now need to enter your one-time code based on the TURing image shown. The default PIN for the admin user is 1234, so enter the first 4 digits of the TURing string - in this case 5034.

If this is the first time you have run the web console, you will be presented with the End-User Licence Agreement.

Swivel Core EULA V4.png

You should read this, and assuming you accept it, click on "Accept EULA" to continue.

You will now be presented with the Status page.

Swivel Core Status V4 3.png

The main menu is shown down the left side of the page. The following chapter summarises the menu items.

Swivel Web Console Main Menu

Status Shows the status page
Log Viewer Shows the logs
Server Swivel Server Configuration
Policy Authentication Policy Configuration
Logging Logging Configuration
Messaging Mail and Mobile phone messaging configuration
Database Database configuration
Mode Mode configuration
Repository User repository configuration
RADIUS RADIUS authentication configuration
Migration Migrate database
Appliance Appliance synchronization settings
OATH OATH token management
Config Sync configuration synchronization settings
Reporting Data reporting
User Administration User Administration
Save Configuration Save the configuration
Upload Email Images Upload images for use in emails
Administration Guide Show the administration guide
Logout Log out from the administration console

Status Screen

As seen above, this shows a summary of the system status, including the total number of users, numbers of users in particular states, licence information etc.

Save Configuration

This option downloads the current server configuration as an XML file, which can be used to restore the configuration in case of data loss. Note that the Swivel appliance takes daily backups, which includes the configuration.

Upload Email Images

This option shows a list of images that can be used in emails. It also allows you to upload new images.

Swivel Core EmailUpload V4.PNG

Administration Guide

This displays a guide to administering the Swivel server.