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Swivel has developed an API, the User Admin API, to allow an external application to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) style operations on users. For most installations, these operations are performed by the User Synchronization job but for larger user populations synchronization may be impractical. The User Admin API addresses this need. In conjunction with the User Admin API, Swivel has also developed another API allowing external applications to perform the functions usually performed by a helpdesk operator from the admin console. These are typically day to day functions not viewed as part of the User Admin API such as user unlock, PIN reset etc. This is the Helpdesk API

There is additionally read-only functionality provided by the Reporting API that can be used to read the status (eg idle, locked) of user accounts.


Following the principles behind the existing Agent API used for authorisation, both of the API’s are based around XML documents for both request and reply. The basic idea is to build a document containing details of operation(s) to be performed and the user(s) on which they are to be performed, submit it to PINsafe via HTTP and PINsafe will reply with a document detailing which operations succeeded and which, if any, failed. All operations via the API will be logged in the standard PINsafe log. Only authorised PINsafe Agents will be able to submit requests. This is in line with Agents used for authorisation. The API is case sensitive, the correct case shown in the included examples.

In order to use the Admin API, you must create a PINsafe Agent for the computer, or sub-net of computers, that will execute AdminAPI commands. Only the computer(s) defined by this Agent can create, read, update or delete users belonging to this Agent, and the Agent cannot read, update or delete users created by other repositories. The Agent can therefore be regarded as another type of repository. It is possible, but not recommended, to manipulate users created by a normal (e.g. XML or Active Directory) repository, by giving the Agent exactly the same name as the repository. Be aware if you do this, however, that any subsequent User Sync of the repository will potentially overwrite modifications made by the Agent. At present, any PINsafe Agent can act as an AdminAPI repository, but future versions of PINsafe will require you to explicitly enable the "Act as Repository" property of an Agent.

These restrictions do not apply to HelpdeskAPI Agents. Although only Agents can use these commands, it is possible to specify that the HelpdeskAPI command operates on a different repository, or on all repositories.

Sending an Admin API request

An Admin API request must be sent as an HTTP(S) request to the pinsafe application, either as a GET or POST request.

For a GET request, the format is

https://[swivelserver]:8080/pinsafe/AdminXML?xml=[request body]

For a POST request, the URL is


and the XML request should form the content of the POST.