Tomcat problems

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Tomcat Problems


Apache Tomcat


Tomcat will not start or stops


Check the Swivel and Tomcat logs

Check appliance disk space, a lack of disk space may stop Tomcat from starting

Is there a Swivel filter stopping access from certain IP addresses, see Filter IP How to Guide

A process to monitor Tomcat on appliances is detailed here MON Service Monitor How to guide

Check that the Java path is correct and that Java and Tomcat are both either 32 bit or 64 bit but not mixed.

Tomcat will not start

Check the logs as given above.

Check to see that there are no other applications that are using port 8080 or have installed an Apache Tomcat Webserver. Use netstat -b to see which ports are being used.

Database is not running. For appliances check that MySQL is running where used.

Is /var/log/tomcat present, if the folder is missing on a Swivel appliance then Tomcat may not start.

Check the entries in /etc/hosts, specifically localhost

Was a new certificate applied and Tomcat not restarted previously, if so investigate the certificate.

Tomcat Stopping

See Tomcat stops after logout out of CMI

Ensure that the Tomcat Webapps folder does not have multiple instances of Swivel that have been copied from the installed pinsafe folder. Multiple instances of Swivel can be used, but need to be created from a .war file rather than copying the existing install to a new folder.

If a Stack trace is produced, try logging back into the status page http:(s)//<Swivel_IP>:8080/pinsafe. If this is not available then check the Tomcat logs for any errors. See specific problems relating to Tomcat at Tomcat problems. See Also Transport Attribute nil attribute but is not nillable.

If an external database is being used such as MySQL on an appliance, and the database is not available, such as MySQL is not running then it can produce a stack trace error during Swivel Administration login.

Tomcat Starts but Swivel not available

Swivel 3.8 onwards may display a pinsafe/error page, earlier versions may show that the login page is not available. This can be caused by:

  • Corrupt config.xml - check the file size of the config.xml file.
  • Database is not running. For appliances check that MySQL is running where used.
  • Unusual characters or corrupted logs may make the Swivel application unavailable, see Log how to guide.