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Upgrade to V3 Appliance

Version 1.1 March 31, Updated March 2017


This document referes to a general question about appliance upgrade.


Appliance v2.X

Why shoud I upgrade?

The primary reason to upgrade to a version 3 appliance is that version 2 cannot support TLS versions higher than 1.0, which is now considered obsolete and insecure. Upgrading from version 2 to version 3 involves a complete rebuild, as the operating system is different. Version 4 will use the same operating system as version 3, so there will be an upgrade path.

EOL - When will it happen?

A grace period ending on 30-09-2017 can be applied to allow our VAD/VAR upgrade their customers to Appliances V3. x

SWIVEL SECURE going to generate download links for VIRTUAL Appliances has requested free of charge. For HARDWARE Appliance customer need to buy new appliances, because that old hardware don’t support V3.x

This operation is FREE OF CHARGE for VAD/VAR/CUSTOMERS if they manage all the upgrades without a need of a Solutions Engineer, in the case that is a request a analyse need to be performed by Solutions Engineer to identify the effort needed in PS days. (Sales Department, can request exceptions when exists a justification).

Additional Information

For assistance in the Swivel installation and configuration please firstly contact your reseller and then email Swivel Secure support at support@swivelsecure.com