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AQL allows SMS messages to be sent by connecting to their SMS gateway. AQL also support transmission by voice, see AQL Voice. AQL support the following connection methods:

  • HTTP on port 80 (supported by Swivel)
  • HTTPS on port 80 (supported by Swivel)

Trial Account with 50 free SMS messages

Customers who wish to try Swivel with AQL may obtain a promo code for 50 free SMS messages see AQL Swivelpromo. To obtain the promo code see Aql-Swivel.pdf or contact


AQL Account

Swivel 3.x

Mobile Phone on which to receive SMS text messages

Configuring the AQL transport

Configuring one or more AQL transports for Swivel 3.x

On the Swivel Administration Console select Transport/General, locate the AQL transport. Enter the required group name and the number of security strings to be sent. Ensure that the transport attribute phone is selected.

Identifier: Default: AQL, the name of the transport, must be unique

Class: Default: com.swiveltechnologies.pinsafe.server.transport.AqlTransport, the name of the java class used. To create multiple copies of a transport, copy this to a blank field at the bottom of the transport section.

Strings per message: Default: 1, the number of security strings that are sent.

Group: Default: ---NONE--- The group where security strings are sent to

Alert repository group: Default: ---NONE--- The group where Alert messages are sent to

Destination attribute: Default: phone, the attributes that is read from the data source to determine a users telephone number

Click apply to save the settings. For further information see: Transport Configuration

Configuring the AQL details for Swivel 3.x

Gateway URL: Default:, recommended:, the gateway used for sending messages to AQL

Username: Default: blank, AQL account name

Password: Default: blank, AQL account password

Message Overwrite Default: No, Options Yes/No, this option allows the overwriting of previous text messages sent from PINsafe

transport aql timeout: Default 180000, timeout value for connection to gateway in milliseconds

Expected Results

When a message is sent it is added to the message queue and then sent to the SMS gateway:

Message added to message queue for user: graham, destination: 12345678901

Message sent to user: graham, destination: 12345678901


Try sending a security string or alert and check the Swivel log.

Do you have an AQL account with username and password?

Also see SMS messages are not being sent

Check the connection, use TCP Dump, Wireshark, ethereal or similar to view the connection from Swivel to the SMS gateway. Look for outbound traffic of HTTP, on port 80, or HTTPS on port 80 to the SMS Gateway

From the Swivel server can you Telnet to the gateway: telnet 443 Press enter and it should return an HTTP header, (Note the gateway to be used in the Swivel AQL configuration is

Test ports using Telnet

 Service IP:
 Service Port: 443
 Connected to (
 Escape character is '^]'.

From the Swivel server can you do an nslookup to

 Non-authoritative answer:

IP address change

The IP address for changed in October 2014. If the IP address is used for Firewall entries etc then it may need to be re-entered.

AQL SMS logs

login to using your account details and view SMS history from the Account Navigation, SMS, SMS history to see if SMS messages have reached AQL are attempting to be sent.

Error messages

AQL_TRANSPORT_ERROR0 Authentication error

The AQL gateway authentication has failed, verify the username and password for the account is correct. This can also be seen if the From field is incorrectly populated, try using a blank value.


This error can be seen where the Swivel Appliance or server has no DNS configuration. Ensure that DNS is functioning. If DNS is updated a restart of Tomcat may be required.

AQL_TRANSPORT_ERROR0 Insufficient credit or invalid number of msg/destination

Either the account does not have enough credit to send an SMS and new credits must be purchased or the phone number is incorrect and the message cannot be sent.

AQL_TRANSPORT_ERROR0 Authentication error LOG_NO_USER_FOR_DEST, 441234567890 Inbound SMS: Multiple users have same destination 441234567890 No session for Inbound OTC received from user graham

This is a two way SMS authentication error message. An inbound SMS message has not been received.


There is no network connection to the Gateway. Check that a network connection exists and that there are no firewall devices blocking the connection.