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How to Change Your PIN

A user guide to changing your PIN. For the ChangePIN administration guide see: ChangePIN How to Guide and for sample screen shots see ChangePIN Samples.


Users can change their own PIN in a secure way using the ChangePIN utility. ChangePIN policies may vary from site to site, depending on the options available.

ChangePIN PIN Security Overview

The PIN must be a number.

It must be at least 4 digits.

When choosing a new PIN the following should be considered:

  • Avoid sequential numbers such as 1234, 0987, 2468.
  • Avoid repeating numbers, such as 1194, 2525.
  • Avoid commonly used numbers such as the current year.

You will normally receive a notification that your PIN has been changed. If you did not change your PIN then consult your system administrator or your PINsafe helpdesk.

ChangePIN Hints

iPhone, Mobile Phone Client, Java Applet (Swivlet), Windows Mobile users can use the changePIN directly on their mobile Phone.

Never type in your PIN.

You can use the graphical Turing image or the SMS text message to change a PIN.

The graphical Turing image is valid for around 2 minutes.

If you are using SMS to changePIN, DO NOT click on Start Session.

Using ChangePIN

Step 1: Navigate to the ChangePIN page

This may be provided as a URL or an automatic redirect from a login page.

1a ChangePIN.JPG

Enter your user name

1b ChangePIN username.JPG

If you are using SMS to changePIN, DO NOT click on Start Session, instead use the SMS text message security string.

If you are using Turing to ChangePIN, then click on Start Session to generate a graphical Turing Image containing the security String.

1c ChangePIN Turing.JPG

Step 2: Using your existing PIN enter the OTC

Using your existing PIN, enter the One Time Code.

Example if your current PIN is 8362 then enter 2853

2 ChangePIN Enter OTC.JPG

Step 3: Enter the OTC for the New PIN

Decide on a new PIN number, the work out what the One Time Code would be for that PIN. Remember do not enter your PIN number directly.

Example: If the new PIN is to be 2871 then enter 3216

3 ChangePIN Enter OTC of new PIN.JPG

Step 4: Re-Enter the OTC for the new PIN

To ensure the OTC of the new PIN is correctly entered, enter again the OTC for the new PIN.

4 ChangePIN Re-Enter OTC of new PIN.JPG

Step 5: Click on Change PIN

Click on the Change PIN button. A message will report on the success or failure of the ChangePIN

5 ChangePIN success.JPG


Account may be locked from too many failed authentication attempts. Consult your PINsafe helpdesk.

Graphical Turing image may have expired if it has been present for more than 2 minutes. Try process again.

PIN policy may prevent certain PIN numbers from being used, such as repeated digits or sequencies of numbers.

ChangePIN is set to explicit mode, where by the PIN is entered directly (and thus vulnerable to key loggers) Consult your PINsafe helpdesk to see if this mode of operation is in use.

Your chosen Password was not valid. Please try again with a different Password. For more details contact your PINsafe Administrator

A complex password was not entered. Retry with a more complex password.

ChangePIN password complexity fails.JPG

Cannot start PINsafe Session

The user has started a Single Channel Image Request but is not a member of the correct group. Use SMS or Mobile Phone security strings to changePIN.

ChangePIN cannot start a session.jpg