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Citrix Web Interface Dual Chanel Integration Notes

This outlines how to replace the Single Channel Image request button with a Dual Channel button. This is a supplement to the Citrix Web Interface 5.1 Integration guide.

Log-in page Customisation

On the Swivel Administration console under Server/Dual Channel, ensure Allow message request by username: is set to Yes.

On the Citrix Web Interface Installation create a copy of auth/pinsafe_image.aspx, and call it pinsafe_message.aspx

You will also need to ensure that pinsafe_message.aspx is included in the list of unprotected pages.

In auth/clientscripts/login.js, make a copy of the function onTuringButtonClick(), calling it onMessageButtonClick (). Change image.src in this function to point to pinsafe_message.aspx.

Edit app_data/include/ Locate the text '<div class="otcButtonPane"'. Copy from here up to the ending </div>, and paste it immediately after this div. Change "href=javascript:onTuringButtonClick" to "href=onMessageButtonClick".

Change the title and id of this div, as well as the id of the enclosed img and span elements. The new div element should be something like this:

     <div class="otcButtonPane"><a
            href="javascript:onMessageButtonClick()" title="Click this button to retrieve a PinSafe message."
            onmouseover="changeOtcBtnColor(true);" onmouseout="changeOtcBtnColor(false);"
            onfocus="changeOtcBtnColor(true);" onblur="changeOtcBtnColor(false);"
         ><img id="msgButtonBg" src="../media/LoginButtonGlow.gif" alt="" /><span id="msgButtonWrapper">Get Message</span></a></div>

To make sure the new button looks right, you will also need to edit app_data/include/ Look for occurrences of #otcButtonWrapper and add ", #msgButtonWrapper". Also, for the entry #<%=Constants.ID_OTC_BTN%>, add ", #dcmessage".


Test the button from the login page. Check the Swivel logs for the dual channel requests.