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This article describes and highlights:

  • The various stages involved in deleting a Swivel user via the Swivel administration console for an XML repository or another data source
  • The difference between the Database and Repository 'User Set' screens for XML repositories on the User Administration screen
  • Swivel license implications
  • Synchronisation considerations for XML repositories

To see more information on general user administration, take a look at the User Administration How to guide.

Deleting a user from an AD/LDAP or SQL Data Source

The user needs to be removed from the appropriate group on the data source and then a User Sync carried out for that repository under User Administration. If the option to Mark as deleted is configured, then the user will not be fully deleted from Swivel until the Purge function is used.

Deleting a user from an XML Repository

When you delete a user, it removes that user from the XML repository. However, the user is still available in the database. You can see the difference when you switch between Repository and Database options on the User Set drop down. Below, we demonstrate the process of deleting a user.

Navigate to the User Administration screen within the Swivel Administration Console. Ensure that the XML repository is selected from the Repository drop down. Ensure also that Repository is selected from the User Set drop down (highlighted below).


Select the user you wish to delete, and click the Purge button, This is labelled as Delete in versions before 3.9.3.


Confirm your intentions, when prompted.


You will receive a warning message informing you that you need to perform a user sync to remove the user from the database.

What you should notice is that the user no longer appears in the Repository view but the user is still listed in the Database view.

A subsequent user sync as the warning dialogue box suggests, then marks the user as Deleted User with several options unavailable (a line appears through the username as described in the User Administration How to guide) in the Database view. At this point the user still takes up on user count on the Swivel license.

By purging the user with Purge, you will notice the user disappear from the Database view and the user will be permanently deleted, including their PIN. The user then no longer consumes a Swivel license count.