Dual Channel Confirmed Message

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When a Dual Channel message is sent, PINsafe can display to the user a Confirmed image that tells the user the request has been received. This can be changed to a different message.

Message confirmed.jpg


PINsafe 3.x

Enabling or Disabling CONFIRMED Message

To Enable or Disable the dual channel CONFIRMED message, from the PINsafe administration console select Server/Dual Channel then set the Confirmation image on message request: to Yes or No as required. Default is Yes.

Changing the Dual Channel Message

The dual channel message confirmation can be configured on the PINsafe server by editing the following file:

<path to Tomcat>\webapps\pinsafe\WEB-INF\languages\errors.en.xml

Change the value below the PhraseIdentifier for DC_CONFIRMATION_IMG_TEXT between <PhraseContent> and </PhraseContent>





  	<PhraseContent>My New Message</PhraseContent>

After the changes have been made then restart Tomcat


Request a dual channel image in a web browser from the PINsafe server:

For a Swivel virtual or hardware Appliance:


For a Software install:


The modified confirmation message should appear


On the PINsafe administration console under Server/Dual Channel ensure session request by username is enabled

On the PINsafe administration console under Server/Dual Channel ensure On-Demand delivery is enabled or that standard delivery is off by using the On demand authentication by setting it to Yes.