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OATH authentication allows a mobile device to be prompted a new OTC every 60 seconds without requiring the connection to AuthControl Sentry. If the device is provisioned on OATH mode, push Authentication cannot be used.


Swivel AuthControl Sentry v4 onwards

Swivel Mobile Phone Client Version v4 for One Touch Mobile client based solution.

Swivel Server Details SSD for mobile client with OATH enabled.

Swivel core configuration

In order for a user to be able to use the mobile app as a OATH token they must be allocated the right to use the OATH mode of operation. This is done by ensuring that they are a member of a group that has this right.

Mobile client users must install the Swivel Mobile Phone Client from the app store.

Configuring OATH policy settings

On the Swivel Administration console select Policy/Self-Reset and ensure the below settings are configured:

Set Mobile App OATH Mode to Yes

Set Mobile App Local Mode to No


Define a group of Mobile OATH users

On the Swivel Administration console, select a group of users that will be using Mobile OATH authentication and ensure that the OATH box is ticked then click Apply.

OATH Mobile Users



For testing OATH you can click App provision button on the user admin screen for the user that has been configured as a mobile OATH user and then provision the device with the URL or QR Code as explained:

Provision the device via URL. Please read more on Provision URL page.

Provision the device via QR code. Please read more on QR Code page.


Security code is showing instead of OATH Token

Please ensure that the SSD server for that Site ID has been configured as OATH and local mode is set to false. After changing the setting in SSD server, the users must me re-provisioned.

Check the Swivel logs for error messages

Error Messages:

CANNOT_CREATE_TOKEN for the <username> user does not belong to the OATH Group

This error can be seen where the button App Provision is clicked on the User Admin Console and the user does not have OATH permission. To solve that you need to add the OATH right to the group the user is member of.

OATH token does not allow the authentication.

When you click Provision App ensure that a token for that user has been created. For that you can go to the OATH/OATH Tokens screen and check that a new token has been created for that user.


If the token has not been created, ensure that the policy Mobile App OATH Mode is set to Yes.