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Viewing Swivel Log Files Outside Swivel

To view Swivel log files from outside of Swivel, you can use this program. It runs under Windows, and requires the Microsoft.Net framework version 4.5 or higher. Unzip the MSI from the zip file, and run it to install the program.

You can open single files, zip files containing log files or entire directories, either by selecting the Open File or Open Folder options, or by dropping files or folders on to the open application. There are options to sort and filter entries, to select which columns to display, and to search for specific text. You can also export the data to various formats, for example to import into a spreadsheet.

Obtaining Swivel log files

See Troubleshooting Files FAQ

Current Version

The current release of the log viewer application is 2.4.1.

Known Issues

If you open a lot of files at the same time, for example by opening a directory or zip file, the application may hang for a long time before updating the display: please be patient!

At present, compressed file support is limited to .zip files: you cannot open .gz files directly. You can, however, drag and drop compressed files from applications that support Explorer-style viewing of compressed files.

The recent files list will currently retain all previously-opened log files, but will only display the latest 20. There is however a recent files management form which allows you to manually remove recent items, or to clear out all files that no longer exist.

The Help documentation included in the application includes screenshots from an earlier version, so may not reflect the current appearance of the application.

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