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The logger transport allows user alert information and security strings to be sent to the Swivel log using an email transport, and is useful for testing and troubleshooting. See also Transport Configuration.


Swivel 3.9 onwards.

Swivel group to use the logger transport (test users etc) that are not part of another transport group.

Email address entered for test users.

Configuring the Swivel logger transport

On the Swivel Administration console select Transport/General and then click on New Entry and enter the following information

Identifier: logger

Class: com.swiveltechnologies.pinsafe.server.transport.LoggerTransport

Strings per message: 1

Copy to alert transport: No

Destination attribute: email

Strings Repository Group: <group>, example test

Alert repository group: <group>, example test

Swivel 3 9 5 logger transport.jpg

Click Apply to save the settings, then under User Administration, select the repository that the users are a member of and click on User Sync.


Check the swivel log to ensure that information is recorded in the log viewer on actions such as with a PIN reset.

Example output:

 Security strings received for testuser@swivelsecure.com: PINsafe Security String Message 1 1234567890 4691087235
 Alert message received for testuser@swivelsecure.com: Your new PINsafe credentials are: Username: testuser Password: PIN: 9430" 

Known Issues