Microsoft ISA 2006 Cluster Integration

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ISA 2006 Cluster Integration


In an ISA cluster, the Swivel filter needs to be registered with the cluster on the storage server and on each member of the cluster.

If all the ISA Servers are installed on 32-bit operating systems, then you can use version 1.2 of the PINsafe ISA filter, which manages filter registration as part of the login process. You must install on the configuration storage server first, and then on each member server. See the standard ISA filter integration guide (link below) for further instructions.

If you are running ISA Server on a 64-bit operating system, the reference above will not work. Instead, you will have to use the older 64-bit version together with installation scripts.

Refer to the ISA 2006 integration guide for additional steps, for both versions of the filter. Microsoft_ISA_2006_Integration


These are required in addition to the ISA 2006 Integration prerequisites

  • RegisterFilter.vbs
  • RegisterFilterMember.vbs

These files can be downloaded from here:

ISA 2006 Cluster Installation Steps

Install the PINsafe filter

Run the setup.exe file on each of the ISA servers ignoring errors relating to registration of the PINsafeISAFIlter

Ensure the PINsafe Filter is on each ISA server

Ensure that the PINsafeISAFilter.dll is installed on C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server on all ISA servers.

ISA Cluster Storage Server Filter Registration

On the configuration storage server copy RegisterFilter.vbs to C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server and run it.

You may have to run it from the command prompt, specifying the fully-qualified name of the configuration storage server, if that is not the server you are running it from.

ISA Cluster Member Filter Registration

Copy RegisterFilterMember.vbs to C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server on each member server, and run. Once you have done this, check that it appears in the list of web filters for the server.

when manually registering a web filter .dll, from the command prompt you need to be in the SAME directory as the .DLL, otherwise you will get an error:

Error: The Web Filter referenced by Server xxxxxx does not exist The error occurred on object ‘xxxxxx’ of class ‘Server’ in the scope of array ‘Learning-ISA’

Configure the ISA Filter

Configure the ISA filter using the configuration tool provided. Each ISA server in the cluster will need to be configured. To start is select Start/Programs/PINsafe ISA Filter/Configuration.