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Mobile Client Policy Overview

From Swivel 3.9.4 onwards the Swivel Mobile client can be configured with server settings that will be applied to all Mobile Clients.

This document supplements the existing documents for individual phone types.

Policy changes made on the server are applied to the clients when they provision the device or request new security strings.


Swivel Mobile Client that supports PINsafe 3.8 or higher provisioning

Older Swivel appliances (2.0.12 and earlier) will need their proxy upgrade to handle the provisioning, see Appliance Proxy Server Upgrade

Swivel Configuration

Mobile Provisioning

Swivel 3.9.4 can be configured to allow users to enter a PIN for an automatic PIN extration. On the Swivel Administration console select Policy/Mobile Client, the following options are available:

Allow user to enter PIN: Options Yes/No, Default No. If set to No, the user is not prompted to enter a PIN. If set to Yes, the user will be prompted to enter their PIN and will then be presented with a One Time Code.

Allow user to choose how to extract OTC: Options Yes/No, Default No. If set to No, the user cannot choose between automatic or manual PIN extraction. If set to Yes, then the user may choose the PIN extraction type on the Mobile client.

Allow user to browse strings: Options Yes/No, Default No. Version 3.9.6 onwards. This option allows the Mobile Phone App user to browse through the security strings. Availability to this feature is server controlled.

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Error Messages