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NowSMS allows SMS messages to be sent by connecting to their SMS gateway software. See also the MOXA NPort Ethernet to Serial


NowSMS offer a free trial of their software, see their website for details.


NowSMS software and GSM modem

Swivel 3.x

Mobile Phone on which to receive SMS text messages

Configuring the NowSMS server

Follow the NowSMS documentation and configure for web authentication and test that it is working for sending sms messages.

Configuring the Now SMS server for SMPP

On the NowSMS Gateway configuration select the Web tab, and then tick enable SMPP Server, then configure the following

Port number for SMPP Server: 8802

Under the SMS users tab, selert Add User, enter a username and password then tick Enable SMPP login for this user.

Configuring Swivel for the the NowSMS transport

Swivel uses the SMPP protocol to talk to the NowSMS gateway.

Configuring Swivel for one or more NowSMS transports

On the Swivel Administration Console select Transport/General, select Transport/General New Entry. Enter the required group name and the number of security strings to be sent. Ensure that the transport attribute phone is selected.

Identifier: the name of the transport, must be unique.

Class: Use the following: com.swiveltechnologies.pinsafe.server.transport.SMPPTransport, the name of the java class used.

Strings per message: Default: 1, the number of security strings that are sent.

Group: Default: ---NONE--- The group where security strings are sent to

Alert repository group: Default: ---NONE--- The group where Alert messages are sent to

Destination attribute: Default: phone, the attributes that is read from the data source to determine a users telephone number

Click apply to save the settings. For further information see: Transport Configuration

Configuring the NowSMS details for Swivel 3.x

Server: Default: The NowSMS server address the gateway used for sending messages using NowSMS

Port: 8802

System Type: pcsms

Username: Default: blank, NowSMS account name, this is a required field

Password: Default: blank, NowSMS account password, this is a required field

Source Address:

Source TON: 5

Source NPI: 0

Destination TON: 1

Destination NPI: 0

Keep Alive: No

Keep Alive Time: 30000

Expected Results

When a message is sent it is added to the message queue and then sent to the SMS gateway:

Message added to message queue for user: graham, destination: 12345678901

Message sent to user: graham, destination: 12345678901

A more detailed log is given below:

Message sent to user: graham, destination: 12345678901

Send response0, 0


Notifying observers of packet received

Setting state 2

Receiver thread started


Setting state 1

Opening TCP socket to NowSMSserver/ network link.

Binding to the SMSC as type 3

Creating receiver thread

Using event dispatcher ie.omk.smpp.event.SimpleEventDispatcher


Attemping to bind, conn = unbound

Message added to message queue for user: graham, destination: 12345678901


Try sending a security string or alert and check the Swivel log.

Also see SMS messages are not being sent

Check the connection, use TCP Dump, Wireshark, ethereal or similar to view the connection from Swivel to the SMS gateway. Can you Telnet to the gateway.

Error messages