PINsafe Browser Compatibility

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Generally speaking, there are no browser compatibility issues with PINsafe. There are more likely to be browser compatibility issues with the products you are integrating PINsafe with, rather than the functions of PINsafe alone. Within the PINsafe Administration Console you may notice minor cosmetic issues across newer browsers, but not anything that would cause the product to be defective in operation.

Below is a list of PINsafe integrations and a list of PINsafe Admin Console observations.

Specific PINsafe Integrations

Juniper 6.3R3 & PINsafe 3.6

PINsafe Admin Console

PINsafe 3.x General Compatibility across all versions

PINsafe 3.2 Observations

PINsafe 3.3 Observations

PINsafe 3.4 Observations

PINsafe 3.5 Observations

PINsafe 3.6 Observations

PINsafe 3.7 Observations