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Provision URL

Swivel version 3.10 combines the Site ID and Provision codes into one single URL.

From Swivel version 3.9.7, a URL can be used to provide the Swivel authentication server settings and the Mobile Provision Code to a user.

For the Mobile Phone Provision administration guide see: and Mobile Re-Provision How to Guide


Mobile Phone Client Users can request a Mobile Provision Code using the User Portal, or be sent one from the Administrator. message.

Mobile Provision Overview

The Mobile Provision Code URL is only sent to the users defined transport, such as a mobile phone or email address.


Swivel 3.10

Supported Mobile device

Swivel Mobile Client installed that supports provisioning, see Mobile Phone Client

Configuring the Provision URL

These settings refer to the Swivel SSD provisiong server and should not be changed unless explicitly directed to by Swivel. The URL used for provisioning a user is defined on each Swivel Administration Console under Policy/Self Reset. These URL's can be used for all deployments of Swivel and do not need to be hosted locally, i.e. use these default URL's.

URL provisioning: default: The provisioning URL allows the provision code to be used for a specific user. A URL request is made by the mobile devices web browser with the Provision number appended to provision the device.

URL to get settings: default: The Site ID (SSD) is added to the URL to automatically populate the relevant server settings for the user. The site ID needs to be entered on the Swivel Administration console under Server/Name Site ID.

URL complete: default: The URL to read the Site ID and Provision code combing the two above into one link

Send provision code as security string: Yes/No. If set to Yes, then the users provision code will be sent by their security string transport instead of their Alert transport.

Transport Message settings

Site ID

Each transport (version 3.9.7 onwards) has the following fields for Provisioning and may be edited as required:

Site Id subject: The Site ID subject

Site Id body: The Site ID message, as below

 Server Id: %SITE_ID
 To get the server settings automatically click the following URL: %URL_SETTINGS%SITE_ID

Provision Code

Each transport has the following fields for Provisioning and may be edited as required:

Provision code subject: The Provision code subject

Provision code body: The provision code message as below

 Mobile provision code: %CODE
 To automatically provision your device, click the following URL: %URL_PROVISION%CODE

Note Blackberry devices only support HTTP and not HTTPS.

Using the Provision URL

From Swivel version 3.9.7 onwards, a Provision URL is usually sent to allow the user to allow the server settings and the Mobile Provision Code. The Activate URL can be clicked on and:

  • Opened in the Swivel Application to automatically configure the Mobile App
  • Opened in a web browser that displays a Get Server Settings button that allows the mobile client to be configured and provisioned. If given a choice a suitable web browser should be selected.

Automating Provision Code Delivery

If a suitable Transport Configuration is enabled for users, then the Provision code can be sent out when the Swivel account is created. To enable this, under Policy>General set Auto. send provision code: to Yes.

Provisioning Sample Code

Sample ProvisionFor use with an SMTP transport using HTML.

Complete One Step Provisioning

Sample Provision code For use in the Quick Provision field:

As shown below Swivel quick provision sample.jpg

Two step URL Provisioning

Sample code For use in the Manual Provision field

Sample Provision text

Swivel Mobile Client Provision user message.jpg

If the device is not provisioned automatically, then the settings can be entered as below.