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How to recover a lost PIN

A user guide to requesting a new PIN. For the ResetPIN administration guide see: ResetPIN How To Guide


Users can request a new PIN to be sent to them if it has been forgotten or lost. ResetPIN will not work for a locked account, neither will it unlock a locked account.

ResetPIN PIN Security Overview

The PIN is only sent to the users defined transport, such as a mobile phone or email address.

A new PIN is created. It is not possible to request the existing PIN to be sent to the user.

ResetPIN Hints

Never type in your PIN.

Using ResetPIN

Step 1: Navigate to the ResetPIN page

This may be provided as a URL. Enter your username.

PINsafe ResetPIN self reset.JPG

Step2: Request Code

Click on the Request Code button

PINsafe ResetPIN self reset request code sent.JPG

Step3: Enter the Reset Code

Check the email or SMS for the Reset Code and enter it into the Reset Code box. This code is valid for only two minutes (by default).

PINsafe ResetPIN self reset reset.JPG

Step 4: Click on Reset Code

Click on a reset code to be sent a new reset PIN by email or SMS.

PINsafe ResetPIN self reset successful.JPG


Ensure that the Reset Code is entered before it times out, default of 2 minutes. The following is displayed if the reset code is used after it has expired.


PINsafe Self Reset Agent Error Session.jpg


The user account has been locked and a reset pin cannot be performed until the account has been unlocked.

PINsafe Self Reset Agent Error User Locked.jpg


The user account has been disabled and a reset pin cannot be performed until the account has been enabled.

PINsafe reset pin Agent error user disabled.jpg