SMS Gateway Integration

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When an SMS message is to be sent, Swivel can connect to an SMS gateway to send the SMS text messages. It may be possible to use an existing protocol for integration, or one may need to be modified.


Swivel 3.x

SMS Gateway

Supported Transports

For a list of currently supported SMS and other transports see Transport Configuration. Some of these offer SMS for testing purposes.

SMS Integration

The following protocols are supported by Swivel. Other protocols could be integrated, but may be chargeable.


SMPP can be used, see SMPP How to guide


SMTP to SMS can be used, see SMTP to SMS


HTTP/HTTPS integration, this will usually require a new transport class for that provider and may be chargeable. The following information is useful in testing this:

  • API for gateway integration
  • Account details for testing, including, gateway address, Username, Password, port


Known Issues


Error seen with PSWin Transpoort: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

The resolution is outlined below: