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The user is regularly resent their security strings


Swivel 3.x


Each time Swivel synchronises, the security strings are sent out to the user.


Swivel will re-send security strings if the transport definition has changed. Up to version 3.6, this means that either the transport name or the phone number has changed. In 3.7, it only resends if the number has changed. In 3.8, Swivel can optionally disable this behaviour, so new strings are never sent to existing users on sync.

If multiple Swivel servers are synchronising data into a database, then a misconfiguration of the transport can lead to a users transport changing each synchronisation, thus credentials are resent each time. Verify on each instance of Swivel that the configurations are correct. Turning off the option to resend security strings when the transport changes will prevent the resend, but may cause issues with the incorrect transport.