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Q). What are the standard support hours

A). Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00 GMT, with some variation from local offices

Q). Can I purchase 24 hour support

A). Yes, contact your local sales representative. For further information see 24x7 Support

Q). What are the contact details for Swivel

A). See Contact Details

Q). Do you offer onsite support

A). Yes, this is available at additional cost

Q). Do you offer remote support

A). Yes, this may be chargeable depending on request

Q). Where can I get further documentation?

A). Support documentation can be found at

Q). Who do I contact for support queries?

A). Contact the reseller who sold the product, they should be able to provide first-line support and escalate the call if required.

Q). Can I contact Swivel for support?

A). After trying your reseller and if you have a valid support contract, or a product evaluation the Swivel support details are given here

Q). PINsafe Hardware Support

A). Current Hardware appliances use Dell. Hardware issues should be escalated through Dell support directly. When contacting Dell ensure that you are with the hardware and have the service TAG number. Further information can be found on the Dell website:

Also see

Q). Can I download a copy of PINsafe?

A). Yes here

Q). How log is a PINsafe version supported for

A). PINsafe releases are normally supported for 5 years from release. Where a new release has fixed a bug, the customer will generally be advised to upgrade rather than a bug fix being made available for the older version.