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Below we outline the methods of raising a support ticket and the information required.

When a support ticket is raised, you will receive an automated response. If no response is received, please check the size of any attachments you have sent.

Note: The helpdesk is not monitored 24 hours a day. Customers who have paid for 24x7 Support must use their emergency out of hours contact details.

Check the Knowledgebase first

Lots of articles are available which contain solutions to common issues:

Gathering information

Supply as much relevant information as possible as it will save us coming back to ask further questions.

As a minimum we ask that you supply the following::

  • Customer Name (so we can look at previous support history and check their support entitlement)
  • Swivel version
  • Hardware Platform/Appliance/VMware
  • Operating System
  • Patch/Service Pack
  • Severity: System down high priority?, low priority?
  • Detailed Description (Key points: Does the issue affect all users; Is it repeatable?)
  • Include any relevant logs or use the appliance log reporting feature, see App support logs
  • What has changed recently?
  • New installation or established system?
  • What is Swivel integrated with? (Access devices)

Contacting Support

Support is available in UK office hours 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday.

The best method is to include the above information in the support submission form or by email, where a Support Ticket number will be issued for tracking the problem. You are welcome to ask questions about Swivel through support:

Submit a support ticket through our online form

Alternatively, email us via

Please ensure that you've raised a support ticket by the above methods before attempting to contact us via telephone.

24 Hour Support

This is available only to those those who have purchased the 24 hour support option from Swivel Secure. An engineer will attempt to resolve high priority issues impacting authentication of users. Those who are receiving 24 hour support will have received the emergency contact details as part of the purchase of the 24x7 Support.

Resolving The Problem

Reply to Support Query

An engineer will reply to the support ticket to hopefully resolve the issue as quickly as possible, or request further information.

Remote Access

An engineer may request remote access to the relevant system to troubleshoot the problem. Swivel have their own remote access tools through desktop and application sharing in a web session. If this is not possible we can attempt to access through your remote access solutions.

Support Ticket Issues

No email confirmation

If the file attachments are too large, then they may be rejected by the mail gateway. If pictures are used then reduce the image size, or send an initial request and reply to the ticket with the required files across several emails.