Swivel does not start

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Swivel does not start


Swivel 3.x


The Swivel administration console does not appear.


A previous administration task may have caused issues that only become apparent when Tomcat is restarted, such as new certificates, data import.

Was an upgrade attempted, try restarting Tomcat.

Is the disk space full, see Appliance Disk full.

Check the Tomcat logs.

Is Tomcat running? see Tomcat problems.

For Swivel appliances check for a Lock File.

Is the Appliance database running, usually MySQL for HA appliances.

If Swivel is running but the Administration console is not accessible see PINsafe Administration Console Absent

Check the catalina.out file for database errors. Appliances /var/logs/catalina.out.

Swivel fails to start after an import of user data, see PINsafe upgrade fails on MySQL appliance