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For Swivel versions 3.9.6 onwards, please refer to the following documentation User Attributes How To

Swivel can read the LDAP attribute that contains a users information related to their transport. This transport attribute can be a default LDAP attribute or a custom attribute field. Custom attributes can be configured to hide the information contained within it from public view. For information on configuring trans ports see Transport Configuration


Swivel 3.x

LDAP data source such as Active Directory


No Transport attribute for user

User does not receive any PIN or security strings


Swivel can read differing attributes from each data source to define what transport information fields are read. Ensure that the data source has information entered. Commonly used transport fields are:

Transport Attributes
Data Source Email Mobile
XML email phone
LDAP email phone
Active Directory mail mobile

Early versions of Swivel contained the Swivel attribute for transport in the General settings for each transport type. Swivel 3.9.6 onwards uses custom user attributes to manage transports, and these attributes can be found under Repository -> Attributes (apologies that the image below refers to Transport -> Attributes: a new image will be added shortly).

PINsafe 35 Transport Attributes.jpg

The correct Transport type is then defined under the Transport/General setting Destination Attribute:

PINsafe 35 Transport General AQL.jpg

Transport Attributes Swivel 3.1-3.3 are entered on the wivel Administration Console under the Transport/General and then the Destination Attribute setting. Multiple transports can be created with differing attributes by creating additional transports of differing names.

Pinsafe 33 Transport Groups.jpg