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The user portal application allows users administer themselves.

The following applications are available.

  • Change PIN
  • Reset PIN
  • Provision a Mobile device
  • Sync a Token

User Portal Usage

Navigate to the userportal page; https://IP:8443/userportal. The userportal should be displayed.

User Portal Administration Guide

For more information about how to configure User Portal please see User Portal Administration Guide

User Portal Login

Here you can enter a user name and click Submit to access the User Portal.

User Portal 3 loginV4.jpg

From 4.0.5, if confirmation code is enabled, it will be sent to email/sms and requested together with user name. If too many requests are done in a short period of time, an error is returned.


User Portal Menu

The below screen will show once the username has been submitted.

User Portal 3 menuV4.jpg

User Portal Mobile Provision

The Mobile provision option allows a message to be sent to the user or to use QR Code Provision.

User Portal 3 mobile provisiongV4.jpg

User Portal Mobile Provision On Screen

To use the QR Code Provision the user needs to authenticate by entering an OTC, this screen allows the SMS to be sent to the user.

Note: from 4.0.5, if confirmation code is enabled, this step is not required.

User Portal 3 mobile provisioning OTCV4.jpg

User Portal Mobile Provision by QR Code

A valid OTC will display the QR Code Provision.

User Portal 3 mobile provisiong QRV4.jpg

User Portal ResetPIN

ResetPIN allows a user to be sent a new PIN number. The user is sent a reset code to enter into the below page, which if correct when submitted will create a new PIN and send it to the user.

User Portal 3 Reset PIN1.jpg

User Portal 3 Reset PINV4.jpg

User Portal ChangePIN

ChangePIN allows users to change their PIN number. Different options such as by using the TURing or Pinpad or direct entry of the PIN are available. The one configured by the admin will be displayed. Some examples are displayed below.

User Portal 3 ChangePINV4.jpg

User Portal 3 ChangePIN PinPad.jpg

User Portal Token Sync

Token Sync allows a user to synchronise a new or existing token by entering two consecutive OTC from the token.

User Portal 3 Token SyncV4.jpg