XML Authentication Configuration

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Agent-XML Authentication Configuration


For non RADIUS devices, PINsafe supports an XML authentication as described below. For RADIUS authentication configuration see RADIUS Configuration

This Agent-XML configuration guide outlines how to configure PINsafe as a Agent-XML server for Agent-XML Client. For further information on the PINsafe Agent-XML server and options available see Agent-XML

Configuring the PINsafe Agent-XML server

Configure the PINsafe server by selecting which Agents are permitted to connect to the PINsafe server. To do this, on the PINsafe Administration Console select Server/Agents. Options available are:

Agents: Name: A descriptive Name of the agent permitted to connect

Hostname/IP: IP or Hostname of the agent

Shared secret: A shared secret that must also be entered on the Agent-XML client configuration

Group: Authentication by the agent can be restricted to a group of users

Authentication Modes: Authentication can be restricted to single or dual channel authentication

PINsafe 37 Server Agent Generic.JPG