SMS messages are not being sent

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Problems encountered with sending SMS messages


Swivel 3.x


The user does not receive an SMS message

Useful troubleshooting information:

Was the transport working previously, then stopped?

What are the Swivel errors?

Swivel version?

Any custom transports?



Is the SMS gateway contactable through http/https

Is DNS working, can the gateway be resolved by using NSlookup

Is there a firewall blocking access, can the logs be verified

Is a proxy blocking http/https access

The following message is seen when the host to which messages are being sent, cannot be found:

 WARN SMS_Transport message sending failed, error:


Check the Swivel logs

Is the user a Dual Channel user. If the user is not a dual channel user then they will have no transport listed under view transports in the User Administration.

Does the user have a valid mobile phone

Is there a no valid transport for user message - requires transport to be setp for user

Is the LDAP path name to AD or LDAP data source correct

Has the correct transport attribute been set under Transport/Attribute see Transport_Attribute

Is the user a member of a group configured with a transport

If it is a custom transport class, has it been installed or copied accross in an upgrade

The NHS mail transport had a bug whereby the timeout value was incorrectly set to read milliseconds rather than seconds. A value of 20 seconds required a setting of 20000.

To remove messages from the message queue see Message Queue Removal

Is the telephone number format correct? try without spaces, without special characters, with/without country code, with or without a +. If some users are working and some are not, then check the telephone numbers that they are using.

If no users are receiving sms messages the transport queue may have a problem, try restarting Tomcat or rebooting.

If Multiple Security Strings are being used, then the user will need to use these additional security strings first before a new SMS is sent, see Multiple Security Strings How To Guide.

SMS provider

Are there credits to send SMS

Is the SMS network functioning

Check the SMS provider logs

Is the SMS message too long, try sending an SMS of a short length and compare against one with a longer length, more security strings etc.

GSM Modems

If using a GSM modem is there a signal

Is the GSM modem switched on

If the message overwrite is enabled, try disabling it

see GSM Modem How To Guide

Mobile/Cell Phone issues

Is the user in an area of coverage