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This document describes steps to configure a Cisco SA 520 with PINsafe as the authentication server for authentication using SMS, Mobile Phone Client or the PINsafe Taskbar utility.

For the Cisco IPSEC client PINsafe integration see Cisco IPSEC Client Integration

Many Thanks to Brian Norrie of NCI Systems in contributing to this article.


Cisco SA 520

Cisco documentation

PINsafe 3.x, 3.5 for RADIUS groups


Cisco SA 520 firmware version 2.1.51

PINsafe 3.8

PAP Authentication was tested in this setup


The Cisco 520 makes authentication requests against the PINsafe server by RADIUS.

Swivel Configuration

Configuring the RADIUS server

On the Swivel Administration console configure the RADIUS Server and NAS, see RADIUS Configuration

Setting up PINsafe Dual Channel Transports

See Transport Configuration

Cisco SA 520 Configuration

On the Cisco SA 520 Administration console select the Administration tab then users and domains. Click on Add, and enter the PINsafe RADIUS server authentication details for the portal.

Cisco 520 RADIUS setup.jpg

Cisco 520 RADIUS.jpg


Test authentication using a dual channel Security String or an image from the PINsafe Taskbar utility. You will need to enter your password followed immediately by the one time code into the Password field.


Additional Configuration Options


Check the PINsafe logs for RADIUS requests.

Known Issues and Limitations

Dual Channel authentication and Taskbar only

Additional Information

For assistance in the PINsafe installation and configuration please firstly contact your reseller and then email Swivel Secure support at