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Swivel is not sending email messages.


Swivel 3.x


Email messages are not being received by the email gateway.


Look at the Log Viewer, and search for reports stating whether messages have been sent, or whether the user has no transport defined.

Account details

Do the users have valid email addresses? On the Swivel Administration console go to the User Administration page and select View: Transport, check to see any if email addresses listed there. If email addresses are present has a transport been defined, see Transport Configuration and User does not have an associated alert transport.

If no email has been defined for the user, is it being read from the data source, and does the data source have an email address.

Verify that the authentication settings used on the Swivel instance are still valid, and that the password has not been changed or the account has become locked.

Connectivity Check

Ensure connectivity from the Swivel instance to the mail gateway

telnet <hostname of your mailserver> 25

The email gateway should respond with a message

If the hostname does not work, try with the fully qualified domain name and IP address.

telnet <ip of your mailserver> 25

Possible causes for no connectivity may be:

  • Firewall rule
  • Incorrect Network or routing settings

Transport Queue has become locked

There are three solutions to resolve this issue:

1) Disable user syncs from occurring automatically and advise all administrator and helpdesk users to not perform a user sync. Then remove and add the offending SMTP transport (be sure to note down all the details before removing). This will unlock the transport queue;

2) Restart Tomcat if the above is not desirable;

3) If a restart of Tomcat does not work and #1 is not appropriate or not working, a reboot of the entire appliance usually fixes the problem.

If these resolve the issue and an older version of Swivel is being used, then consider upgrading Swivel to a more recent version.

Client Troubleshooting

If the mail has left the Swivel server then check the mail relay logs.

Has the email gone into the end users junk or spam folder?

Security String Issues

See Resolving Security String Issues