User does not have an associated alert transport

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A user has a group where security strings are sent to, and an alert repository group where alert messages are sent to. These need to be defined or an error will occur when a security string or alert is sent to the user.


All Swivel versions


Error Message: Sending alert to user "test" failed, error: The user does not have an associated alert transport.


Ensure that the user has a valid transport, i.e. telephone number or email address. Under Transport/General, check that the appropriate transport has a group selected for Alert Groups.

Ensure the data source attribute is correct, i.e. mobile for AD, phone for LDAP and XML. See Transport Attribute

Ensure the user has a transport group defined for alert, see Transport Configuration

A user may only have one alert transport and one security string transport. If the user has been defined in more than one group each with transports, it may be possible that the required transport is not selected for that user. Verify group membership.

If some users do not have a transport (i.e. mobile phone number or email address), then consider creating a separate group for them that does not send out the alert message, or alternatively a dummy email or mobile number could be set. Note: Swivel will attempt to send the message to this Email or SMS so it should be carefully selected.

Note: After making changes run the User Sync so that the changes are registered for the user.

For further information see and Transports How To Guide