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Swivel Licence Keys

Since Version 3.11 the Swivel Licence keys work in a difference way. They differ from previous licence keys in the following ways.

  • The licence is issued to a specfic installation and therefore cannot be transferred from one server/installation to another
  • The licence key is used to contact the Swivel Licence Key server to download details of the entitlements the customer has purcahsed. This means when a customer wants to upgrade or renew their licence, they do not need to enter a new licence key, merely refresh the licence key they are given. See License Key Update.

When an organisation become a Swivel customer they are allocated a Site ID. This uniquely identifies their installations and is used as part of the mobile device provisioning process and can also be quoted on support tickets etc.

It is also used as part of the key for encrypting licence keys, therefore licences will be issued for specific Site IDs. If, at the time of purchase, an organisation does not have a licence key, one will be allocated to them.

Entering Licence Keys

The licence information is sent in a document that contains both the Site ID and the Licence Key.

First you need to ensure that the Site ID has been set correctly. To do this go to the the Server->Name section and check that the site-id matches that on the licence document. If not then enter the Site-id procived and click apply.


Then go to the Server -> Licence screen and ensure that on-line is set to yes and then enter the Licence Key into the Licence Key field.


Then click apply


The appliance will need access to the internet and to DNS to download the licence key information

You will see a message listing the licences associated with the licence key and the Licence Details will be populated.

Off Line Licence Key Entry

If, for any reason, it is not possible to allow the Appliance to contact the Swivel Licence Server then it is possible to set the On-Line mode to Off. In this case, the licence information needs to be entered manually. You can retrieve your current licence information from a browser, using the following URL:

Replacing "my-licence-key" with your actual license key.

Updating Licence Information

With older versions of the software (prior to 3.11), requesting more users required a new licence key. With the new system, the licence key remains the same, but the license information changes.

Updating Licence Information Online

When you update your licence, it is not automatically updated in the appliance. However, if the appliance is online, all you need to do is to go back to the Server -> Licence page and click Apply for the latest licence information to be downloaded.

Updating Licence Information Offline

If your appliance is not able to connect to the internet, then you must retrieve your new licence information and replace it in the Server -> Licence page. Use the same URL as above:

Replacing "my-licence-key" with your actual license key.