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This document describes how to install a new license key in the Swivel console. Applying a license key has an immediate effect, although if the number of licensed users has been exceeded, or the license has expired, log messages continue to be displayed until Tomcat is restarted.

See also Installing a license key


You will need the new licence key provided by Swivel Secure.

If this is an update to an existing license, it is advisable to have the previous licence key as well.


License keys are generally provided in a PDF. The key may be wrapped over several lines. You should copy the key to a text editor and ensure all line breaks and spaces are removed.


Even if you have a copy of the existing license, you are advised to take a backup of the current configuration. Log into the Swivel Administration Console and click the link "Save Configuration".

It is not normally necessary to restart Tomcat when applying a new license key, except under the following circumstances:

  • You make a mistake entering the new license key and have to restore the old configuration.
  • You have already exceeded your existing license entitlement, or your current license has expired.

You are therefore advised to prepare for the possibility of a temporary interruption.

If you have a high-availability solution, you are advised to install the new license key on the standby appliance first, and confirm that the new license is valid. Note that you will need to perform this procedure on each appliance.


  • Log into the Swivel Administration Console, if you have not already done so.
  • Locate the Server -> License page.
  • Clear the current license field, but do not press Apply yet.
  • Copy the prepared new license key to your clipboard. Make sure you only copy the key, without any leading or trailing white space.
  • Paste the new license key into the field
  • Click Apply
  • The new license key details should be displayed.
    • If an error is displayed instead, see the Recovery procedure below.
  • Go to the Status page and check that the details are correct.


NOTE: if your license key is invalid, it does not prevent existing users from logging in. The license is only checked when synchronizing users, so not having a valid license will only prevent you from adding new users, or updating existing ones.

If you get an error installing the new license, check the procedure again, make sure that the license key is correct and that you haven't copied any additional characters.

If you are certain that you haven't made any mistakes, the next step is to restore your previous license key:

Recovery Using An Existing License

If you have an old license that you have been using, simply follow the procedure above to restore the existing license.

Recovery Using A Configuration Backup

Note: For an appliance, you will need access to the appliance console and a tool such as WinSCP to restore the configuration. For a software-only installation, you will need to log on to the server, and to know the location of the Swivel configuration files.

If you do not have an old license, or you have tried and failed to install the old license, then you will need to restore the backed up configuration, as follows:

  • Stop Tomcat
  • Locate the configuration folder:
    • On a recent appliance (appliance version 2.0.14 or later, Swivel version 3.9.1 or later), this will be /home/swivel/.swivel/conf
    • On an older appliance, this will be /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/pinsafe/WEB-INF/conf
    • On a software-only install, you will have to locate the correct folder.
  • Copy the saved config.xml over the top of the existing one.
  • Start Tomcat

Once you have restored the old license key, contact your reseller or Swivel support ( for further advice.


After restarting tomcat if an error persists there might be need to reboot the appliance, see Error Messages.