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How to install a license key on a Swivel Secure 3.x (PINsafe) or 4.x (Sentry) system. The procedure has changed from version 3.11 onwards.

See also License Key Update


  • Swivel Secure 3.x or 4.x Administration console login with admin rights
  • Valid license key. From 3.11.x onwards, you also need a site ID.


  • Error Message: Swivel license contains an error
  • Status page does not show a license name or required number of users
  • Only a limited number of users are imported into Swivel (Swivel has a default 5 user evaluation license of unlimited duration)
  • License upgrade required
  • Swivel license installation


1. Access the Swivel Administration Console via a web browser. The default address for this is:

Virtual or hardware appliance Installation: https://IP:8080/pinsafe

Software Installation: http://IP:8080/pinsafe

The default login details for a newly shipped appliances are:

  • Username: admin
  • PIN: 1234

See How to initially configure PINsafe to set the database or changes may not be saved.

2. To login, you will need to enter the username and extract the PIN from the TURing image that appears and enter it into the One Time Code field;

3. Once you've logged into the Swivel Administration Console, in versions 3.11.x and 4.x you need to enter your site ID before the license key: click 'Server' then 'Name' on the left-hand menu. Enter the site ID you have been given in the Site ID field. You can leave the Name and Base URL fields for now.

Sentry Server Name.png

4. Click 'Server', 'License' from the left hand menu.

Older versions:

License screen.JPG

For earlier versions of 3.x, simply copy and paste the license key into the 'License key' field and click 'Apply';

Version 4.x (3.11.x will have the same fields, but different style):

Sentry Server License.png

For 3.11.x onward and 4.x, copy and paste the license key as above, but you also need the license information.

a) If your appliance is capable of accessing the internet, select "Yes" for the Online option and the license information will be filled automatically.

b) If your appliance is not capable of accessing the internet, select "No" for the Online option. You will need to retrieve the license information:

In a new browser window, enter the url<licence_key>, replacing <license_key> with your actual license key. You should see a long string of characters. Select the entire string and copy it. You can now paste it into the license information field.

NOTE: we have had reports that the URL above is not available everywhere. We will be investigating this, but if you have problems accessing it, please contact and ask to be sent the license information.

License Server Info.png

5. Check the status page, by clicking 'Status' on the left hand menu. The 'Swivel License Name' should be present along with the number of 'Licensed Users';

6. Check the logs for any errors.

8. Repeat for each Swivel instance as required.

Updating the License

For version 3.x licenses, you are given a completely new license whenever you update the number of users. For version 4.x licenses, the license key does not change, only the license information.

If you have updated your version 4.x license, and your appliance has internet access, simply go to the Server -> License page, ensure that Online is set to "Yes" and press Apply to update the license information.

If your appliance does not have internet access, use the license information URL shown above, using the same license key as you already have.


  • Paste the license key into a text editor and view, to ensure that it is complete and that there are no carriage returns. This has been seen when pasting the license key directly from a PDF document. This is less of an issue for 4.x license keys, as they are shorter.
  • A successfully added license will show a log message of: Swivel license valid, and in the status page the registered name and number of users will appear.
  • Verify that the license is a valid Swivel license that has not expired.
  • Ensure that the license is valid for the version of Swivel. A 4.x license will have hyphens between groups of characters, and only works for versions 3.11.x onwards. A 3.x license does not contain hyphens, is much longer, and is valid for all 3.x versions. Versions 3.11.2-3.11.5 can use either type of license.
  • Version 4.x licenses are tied to a particular site ID, so make sure you have entered the correct site ID BEFORE entering the license key. They also require additional license information, which can be retrieved automatically if your appliance has internet access. If it does not have internet access, see the instructions above.

Error Messages

Pinsafe license contains an error.

The license is invalid or has not been correctly entered.

ERROR - The number of users in the Pinsafe users group has exceeded the license

exceeded licensed users

The number of licensed users has been exceeded. Note that this message will be displayed even if a new larger license is installed until Tomcat is restarted. Consider purchasing a larger license or freeing up some users such as Inactive users, see Delete a Swivel user.