How to initially configure PINsafe

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Connecting to Swivel

This is a very brief set up guide to initially configure Swivel software. For further details, refer to the Administration Guide on the Swivel Administration Console. Each Swivel instance must be configured separately.

This is described in a little more detail on the Getting Started with PINsafe and there is also a video showing the steps

Connect to the Swivel server from a web browser

  • Virtual or hardware Appliances https://<IP Address>:8080/pinsafe
  • Software Installs http://<IP Address>:8080/pinsafe

Note: If the Timezone is to be set, do this before Swivel configuration, as changing it later will invalidate the users stored PIN numbers. Restart the database i.e. for internal restart Swivel or MySQL for virtual or hardware appliances after setting the Timezone.

First Steps in Swivel

The following steps are required:

  • Login
  • Database set to Internal
  • Mode set to Synchronised
  • Repository Servers create an XML Repository
  • User Administration carry out a User Sync


Enter the default username of admin, then click on Start Session, Swivel has a default PIN of 1234. Extract the One Time Code, and enter it into the OTC box. The password field should be left blank.

Username: admin


OTC: One Time Code derived from the PIN 1234. From the example below the OTC is 3527.

Swivel Admin login example

This will take you to the status page, note the Mode and Active Database

PINsafe 38 status page initial setup.jpg

Set An Internal Database

On the Swivel Administration Console configure an internal database from Database/General, setting the Database to Internal then apply.

PINsafe 38 Database Internal.jpg

Set Synchronized Mode

On the Swivel Administration Console set the Mode to Synchronized under Mode/Synchronized

PINsafe 38 mode menu synchronised.jpg

Create an XML Repository

On the Swivel Administration Console configure an XML Repository under Repository/Servers, enter a Repository Name and select Repository type XML, then click on apply. Note: Creating an XML repository is not necessary when using AD, but it will help prevent the issue where you Cannot login to PINsafe admin console.

PINsafe 38 Repository Servers XML.jpg

Sync Users

On the Swivel Administration Console under User Administration click on the User Sync button, then click on the user and set a PIN number for the user by clicking on the reset PIN button and entering a new PIN.

PINsafe 38 User Administration complete.jpg

Install the license key

Without a license key you will not be able to sync in more than 5 users. See our Installing a license key guide for assistance with installing a license key.

Checking the Install

Check the status page to ensure that the Mode is Synchronised, Database is Internal and Repository is XML.

PINsafe 38 status page.jpg

Where Next

The next steps are dependant upon the environment Swivel is deployed in. Data Sources such as Active Directory and Transports will have to be configured for delivering Security Strings and PIN numbers. The following will be of use in configuring Swivel:

For configuring MySQL for A/A virtual or hardware appliances see MySQL Database How To Guide

Repository Integration and other guides can be found in the How To Guides

Active Directory Data Sources see AD data source configuration

Security Strings and Authentication overview Transports How To Guide

Transport Integration Guides Transport Configuration

Integration guides can be found under Integration Guides

Also see PINsafe Configuration Best Practices

Make a Recovery Disk for Hardware appliances Recovery Disk for Appliances How to Guide

Configure Swivel backups Backup Appliance


  • Q. On the User Administration screen, I cannot select a repository. I can only see the text "repository_all" where the Repository drop down menu should be.
    • A. Ensure that you have not got the Shipping database selected on the Database -> General screen.

Cannot login to PINsafe admin console