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TURing uses the PINsafe protocol to provide a One Time Code for authentication. TURing is often used as a stronger authentication method over a static password. Each image is unique for that session. If the user cannot read the image then they can request a new one. The length of time that the TURing is valid for is configurable, with a default of two minutes. For other methods of authentication see Authentication Methods.


Viewing the TURing image

The TURing image may be presented to the user in the following ways:

  • Automatically after entering username with a login
  • Generated by a button at the login page
  • Taskbar utility


See Single Channel How To Guide


See Single Channel Customisation How to Guide

Security of TURing

The Turing authentication offers stronger authentication than a username and password since it introduces a One Time Code. However to increase security it should be used in combination with a static password.