Single Channel Customisation How to Guide

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This document outlines the methods to modify the Single Channel image such as the TURing image and Pinpad.


PINsafe 3.x

Test PINsafe system for testing modifications

Upgrade Considerations

Changes to the Single Channel images should be backed up before an upgrade as they may be overwritten and may need to be copied back to the Swivel instance after the upgrade.

PINsafe Administration Console Settings

Changes to the Single Channel image can be made in the PINsafe Administration console under Server/Single Channel. For more information see Single Channel How To Guide

TURing Editing

Turing Image Editing files

Changes made are only recognised after a restart of Tomcat.

The background mask

located under <path to Tomcat Webapps>/pinsafe/WEB-INF/singleChannel/backgrounds


This is a jpg image and the file must be edited to make any modifications. Restart Tomcat for the changes to be read.

The background patterns

located under <path to Tomcat Webapps>/pinsafe/WEB-INF/singleChannel/backgrounds

These are 280x33 72dpi jpg files. These can be edited and and new backgrounds uploaded, new file name must be added to backgrounds.xml. Restart Tomcat for the changes to be read.











NOTE: if adding new backgrounds, make sure the file owner is set to "swivel" as follows:

chown swivel:swivel backgroundx.jpg

The fonts

located under <path to Tomcat Webapps>/pinsafe/WEB-INF/singleChannel/fonts

Font size is controlled by <fonts bold="true" italic="false" size="12">, new fonts must be uploaded to the PINsafe server fonts folder and also added to the font list in fonts.xml. Remember to backup the file before editing. When uploading new fonts, make sure to set the owner and group of every file to "swivel" as follows:

chown swivel:swivel fontx.ttf

To remove fonts, edit the fonts.xml and remove the fonts which are not required, and if present delete the file. Remember to backup these files to a safe location.

Restart Tomcat for the changes to be read.

PINpad Editing

PINpad by default uses the below colour and images, but can be edited to display different images.


Editing PINpad images

The PINpad image files are located in <path to Tomcat>/pinsafe/webapps/WEB-INF/singleChannel/pinpad. Each image is numbered 1.png through to 10.png. The image files can be edited to change the background colour and image displayed, and uploaded to replace the existing images. Restart Tomcat after making the changes.

PINpad with Arabic font. The Arabic fonts can be downloaded from here: PINpad Arabic


PinpadClear.png PINpad Clear button

PinpadRefresh.png PINpad Refresh button

Below are some sample images:

Q.png Q-grey.png Q-lightblue.png Q-lightgreen.png Q-lilac.png Q-pink.png Q-white.png


Pattern2, PIN character positions:

5th 6th 7th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

8th 9th 10th


If your PIN is "1357", you extract the 1st 3rd 5th and 7th character

Pattern2 example.PNG

In this example, your OTC is "3207".


The single channel image is requested by using the following request to the PINsafe server:

 http://<PINsafe server IP>:8080/pinsafe/SCImage?username=<username>


For a PINsafe appliance the request is usually:

 https://<PINsafe server IP>:8443/proxy/SCImage?username=<username>


Changes do not appear

If the changes are not visible then it may be that the fonts are cached in Tomcat. To remove the Tomcat cache remove all the files in <path to Apache Tomcat>/temp.

Also, try removing the file from:

<path to Apache Tomcat>/pinsafe/WEB-INF/singleChannel/fonts/