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How to Provision a Swivel Mobile Phone Client

A user guide to provision a Swivel Mobile Phone Client to provide authentication One Time Codes and Security strings.

For the Mobile Phone Provision administration guide see: Mobile Provision Code and Mobile Re-Provision How to Guide


Users can request or be sent a code to provision a Mobile Phone Client, this is required for Swivel 3.8 onwards.

Users can only have one mobile device provisioned at a time, for their account.

Mobile Provision Overview

The Mobile Provision Code is only sent to the users defined transport, such as a mobile phone or email address.

Using User Portal or ResetPIN

If you have already been sent a Mobile Provision Code, then use it on the Mobile Client. If not to request a new Mobile Provision Code follow the below steps.

Browse to the Provision web page in the User Portal or ResetPIN provision page, enter your user name and click on provision

User Portal provision page

User Portal Provision small.jpg

ResetPIN provision page

Provision Username.jpg Provision Username entered.jpg Provision Username Provision Code sent.jpg

Provisioning the Mobile Client

Using the Provision URL

From Swivel version 3.9.7 onwards, a Provision URL is usually sent to allow the user to allow the server settings and the Mobile Provision Code. The Activate URL can be clicked on and:

  • Opened in the Swivel Application to automatically configure the Mobile App
  • Opened in a web browser that displays a Get Server Settings button that allows the mobile client to be configured and provisioned.

Swivel Mobile Client Provision user message.jpg

If the device is not provisioned automatically, then the settings can be entered as below.

Using the Provision Code

When the new code has been received, on the Mobile Phone select the Re-provision Option and enter the received Mobile Provision Code.

Enter the Mobile Provision Code and observe the screen input for a Provisioning. Please wait... message. When complete a Device Provisioned message briefly appears on the screen.

PINsafe Android Client Provision Code entry.jpg PINsafe Android Client Provision Code provisioning attempt.jpg PINsafe Android Client Provision Device Provisioned.jpg


User not set

No username has been entered under options. Enter the username and retry.

Failure Please check your settings or try again later. Message: Provision Failure

This can be caused by an incorrect Mobile Provision Code, or the time allowed for provisioning a device has been exceeded.

Note: The security strings on the mobile phone will be invalid until a successful provision is carried out and a new set of security strings are downloaded.

PINsafe Android Client Provision Failure.jpg