Retrieving PINsafe backup files using Webmin

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Before changing Swivel configuration settings it is suggested that you take a backup of the current configuration. This will allow the application to be restored to its current state in the event of a problem. One benefit being that the configuration may also be copied to a different appliance, in the event of an appliance being exchanged due to a fault.

  • This article contains a step-by-step process to copy a backup file from the appliance to a PC.
  • This article is intended for an intermediate user.

If you've not yet taken a backup of your appliance(s), please see the following articles:

For further information on copying files with appliances see: Copying appliance files How to Guide and Automated SCP Backups.


It is possible to take a range of back-ups from Swivel via the CMI. It is now possible on newer appliances to automate retrieval of backups using FTP, see the Automated FTP Backups article. However it may be required to retrieve these backup images manually from the Swivel server.

This article explains the various manual options available.

Copy a backup file from the appliance using Webmin

Login to the Webmin console via the following URL:

The Login page will be displayed. The default credentials are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: lockbox

Webmin Login Prompt.JPG

Once you've logged in, select the 'Others -> Upload and Download' option from the menu bar:

Webmin Others Upload Download.JPG

Select the tab entitled "Download from server":

Webmin Download From Server.JPG

Click the button to the right of the "File to download" dialogue box:

Webmin Download From Server Dialogue.JPG

  • Traverse the filesystem by double clicking the links
  • Navigate to: /backups
  • Select the backup file you wish to download
  • Click OK, the required file should be listed

Swivel Appliance Webmin Download from server backups selected.jpg

  • Click Download to download the required backup

Copy a backup file from the appliance using WinSCP

See WinSCP How To Guide

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